In another phone call from Gailey the next day, Simmons told the editor-in-chief of royal magazine Majesty, Ingrid Seward, he effectively ordered Diana down the M4 motorway to talk to her son. Fergie made indiscreet comments about Diana in her book. William now is his fault. ‘All hell broke loose,’ Diana told Simmons the following Monday. Remember the scene where William and Harry in miniature However, the human body is the human body, no matter how wealthy the person living in it is. I could see him (or anyone similar) shutting down & not knowing where to direct that anger. Agreed. If anything, Charles treated William as a friend who would help his PR for Camilla. It gives me shivers to think about it! He was a kid, and he was allowed to feel upset by that interview. I am glad Harry got out. I don’t think any of us begrudge Diana telling her side of the story, in fact most of us are outraged that much of her side has been erased. Carole had no say in George being the only child to get a gift when Attenborough came to call, and the other two not getting anything Awkward. Same goes for Kate – what Camilla did along Charles to Diana was terrible. None of this excuses William the Adult’s rages obviously, but I have empathy for him as a kid. Thank you for saying this! It makes me think that William mustn’t of empathised with what Diana actually went though at the hands of Charles and Camilla. } Diana’s first choice for vacation was in the Hamptons but was turned down because of security issues. I think both parents did a major disservice to their children by having their fights via interviews and the media. People have worse childhoods much worse but they don’t throw their brother and sister in law under a bus. Because the Windsors don’t believe in introspection or therapy, both things these boys desperately needed and still need today. William however does need counseling because he seems to have gone on to live the very lifestyle that hurt his mothet so much. Will is already throwing the “spares” under a bus even as children. The fact that Diana didn’t even consider how that interview would affect her sons just shows how shortsighted and, honestly, incredibly thoughtless she was in making that decision. Considering Diana’s eating disorder, you would think William cared about Kate’s obvious eating problem too, but you’d be wrong. The whole family runs om PR. It’s kind of a perfect storm for someone to turn into an asshole. She was on/off with a lot of people in those last two years, and seemingly off again when she died with them all. He doesn’t get a pass for being a teenager. They either use others to express their anger through, or became martyrs. He’s cruel. I agree that at this point he doesn’t sympathize with his mother and that’s why he’s able to cheat and disrespect his wife and ignore her pain and possible ED, and leave her alone to deal with his family (the RF) and his children in the same way that Charles did to Diana. Maybe that’s true. Yeah, I believe Charles to be a bad guy and William a byproduct of the situation. At least it was always described as William was punishing Charles for what happened to his mother. The things these people write in these dumb tabloid pieces are often just unfathomably stupid and short-sighted. They hurt other people. In this, Diana is as guilty as Charles. William… has not. I think many people just want to understand how a person who behaves like William comes into existence and his childhood, coupled with the fact that he has never tried to get better as an adult (as far as we know/can speculate) is a huge part of that. Exactly! Hearing that Will apologized and gave her flowers is sad. But to my boys, I was always their mother and their parent so I would never excuse child to parent abuse of any kind. He’s still an asshole. Also Why does he have to smear his brother and SIL in the press? Instead, he’s reading stuff by Laurens Van Der Post, indeed inviting a passel of his highminded intellectual friends. There is no escaping for George or any chance of escaping his destiny. Except I don’t see any articles about Harry being a screaming abusive misogynist? Especially all of this stuff about The Crown, and about Diana’s 1995 BBC interview. He’s recreating the same cheating and infidelity, the same lack of respect for his wife, the same gaslighting and press games with everyone around him. Did he ever think about finding a woman he loved so much, where he didn’t have to cheat? I think he’s recreating the past but hoping to win the game this time. Anyway I don’t blame William for his reported reaction. Amy Too, I always enjoy your comments, but this a really sinister and creepy thought. Also William’s own father will throw him under the bus if it’s convenient. He felt they were being used. He still does it! The older I get and now that I have my own child it is just so clear though how messed up the idea of this royal family is. Also Carole’s husband seems like a genuinely good guy. But I think in this case he probably didn’t air his problems in front of the children if only because he probably didn’t have as close a relationship with them. Sounds like he needs a therapist. The boys were seen smoking and drinking at Charles 50th birthday party at Highgrove with Camilla guest of honor. With Diana’s history, you would think that William & the rest of the fam would have been on high alert and would have clued in & helped Kate. Yeah, William got the wife Charles THOUGHT he was getting, a woman who wouldn’t stand up for herself and would be content to be a brood mare. And I do think he made sure that he married someone who would not leave and wouldn’t speak up so that in this War of the (Future) Wales, William can finally win and he can prove to himself that a woman and a mother CAN take this kind of abuse and stay, you can treat your wife this way and she will stay for the children, so his mother DIDN’T have to leave and speak out, abandon him, and die. Evem when he was 4 his issues with women were so obvious. Here is where I really do feel sorry for William, as horrible a person as I think he is. Completely different. Boys will be boys the saying goes. However it doesn’t make Harry’s experience any less harrowing or bad. I personally think that William and Harry both got different facets of Diana’s personality – William got her temper, Harry got her emotional intelligence and short-sightedness – and that affected the way she treated them too. that she had spoken badly of his father, furious that she had mentioned Hewitt . William doesn’t have the same kind of personality or partner, and it’s possible his particular position makes it even harder for him. Just think how proud William will be the first time George publicly stabs his sister in the back. Gailey told Diana that he found her son slumped on the sofa, his eyes red with tears. There is a lot to criticize Normal Bill about — being freaked out about this particular interview doesn’t seem like it. He quite happy to be a husband like Charles, but he never wanted a wife who was like Diana. He knows first hand how stuff like this hurts, and yet he still manage to surpass his parents in the worst possible way. A source close to Prince William added that because this investigation is about protecting his mother’s legacy, it’s a very personal matter for the royal. Judging by the how angry he was at his mom in the last couple years of her life, and how he screamed at her and even pushed her after the interview, one would think he never actually sympathized. @Sofia- I don’t think sympathizing with the child who endured abuse equates to excusing horrible adult behavior. The Prince of Wales is back on track—aristocratic family man and mistresses on the side, as it should be. The interview elicited a strong reaction from the public and did protect her to some extent, from the smearing the RF tried to do. Harry & William remember Diana in different ways: Harry has always been uncritically proud to tread in his mother’s footsteps. I have a feeling that he sort of hates his mother and blames her for everything. I mean, William could have been just as angry but the press are glossing over it and only focusing on Diana. So, expressing anger is a normal reaction in certain situations. Sorry to hear about your loss. Diana did not deserve it If she did then Charles sure did. Iirc he took it out on Diana because when his father did his interview (first) she was there to console him and so he burst at his mother because she went round and did the same thing, after seeing how it has affected him. The boys looked very happy and enjoying themselves. She had to have known how it would affect William because – as you point out – he just went through that same embarrassment of his father’s interview. She was NOT estranged from Harry and William. If Diana/Meghan does something, it’s manipulative, if the rest does it, it’s strategic/normal/not even spoken of! Lots of people had abusive childhoods. He will investigate allegations of forgery, deceit and a cover-up surrounding the bombshell scoop with Diana. I think William resents that part of Diana and is embarrassed by it, because he absolutely sees things from their perspective. The worst I can say about my childhood is that my family was always broke despite my Dad working 2 jobs for decades. I would have died having both my parents air their affairs and dirty laundry out in public. Prince William and Kate Middleton have delivered their own version of the famous ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas poem in a touching tribute to key COVID-19 workers. . Seems unfair that it’s mainly Diana’s interview that is regarded as destroying the marriage & Charles’ earlier admission is largely forgotten. I remember reading a quote that after Diana’s death, the two boys were absorbed and programmed into the family and they were “fully Windsorized,” something that would not have happened had Diana lived. Charles may have his passions but he repeatedly threw BOTH of his SONS under the bus for his advantage. Why shouldn’t Di give her version of events? But it may be surprising to learn that this prince has a more casual nickname, which he got from his mother. Wasn’t Charles’ interview the night of the “revenge dress?” So Diana “upstaged” him yet again and his interview was probably not as well remembered as that dress. There’s no getting away from it. *, Dublin Zoo staff lost for words as fundraising passes €1 million on first day, Bobby Brown’s son dies at 28, five years after losing daughter Bobbi Kristina, Kate Middleton shares her Christmas outfit regret, Meghan Markle ‘plans to write her first novel’, The Queen keeps things simple with only one special photo during Christmas speech, This is what little Archie’s cute playhouse reportedly cost, All of Meghan Markle’s most stylish looks of 2020, Prince Charles makes acting debut alongside all-star cast on Christmas Eve. I think that’s the difference between Harry and William. I’m not saying it’s right or fair, but I can easily see how William would hate his mother for doing something his father did. I agree that W+K have done less wrong things than Charles and Camilla, but they’ve done less things in general. An unearthed video from Princess Diana's life shows her playful bond with her son Prince William. Prince William is speaking out following reports that the BBC is opening an investigation into the circumstances around a 1995 TV interview with his mother, the late Princess Diana. #gallery-1 .gallery-item { She produced an heir and a spare and after that she was just emotionally dumped. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. She and her brother made up. And if all of this traumatised him as a child then why does he act the same way now? In the immediate wake of the interview, Diana went to Eton to speak to William face-to-face about it. I have a lot of sympathy for William & Harry in that respect. What I’m getting from this is that William never truly processed his traumatic childhood and continues to be a rage monster doomed to repeat his parents mistakes. I definitely screamed at my mother back then, but outgrew all of that and as an adult I don’t have a temper at all. #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { Did William react the same way to Charles’tv interview? His childhood absolutely explains his current behavior – not just his parents marriage dissolving the way it did, but being raised as the “future king” and getting special treatment from the family from day one. Diana did not treat William as a “friend.” If anything she was stricter with him than Charles was (before and after DIana died). I think he might enjoy punishing Kate because he has mommy issues and sees her as a stand in for Diana. My husband was brought up in a household that stifled all anger amongst the siblings and parents. Not surprising how he turned out. Diana died in a car accident in Paris just a year later, in August 1997. I don’t know, maybe he didn’t go to therapy and is unaware of his actions. It’s back to running the same negative campaign playbook from the divorce era: manipulative, crazy, bad mother, (oh and bonus 11 year old Harry was clueless). I think very few 13 yr old boys aren’t misogynist to a degree. He is said to have been keeping an eye on the proceedings and ‘believes things are moving in the right direction.’, ‘The BBC has kept him informed appropriately,’ they said. The raging started early.. He’s reliving the whole thing in order to “fix” the ending. Princess Charlotte 'just like' Queen and Queen Mother in Kate's sweet royal Christmas card KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William's Christmas card has … William barely appeared in their HBO documentary while Harry was most present and spoke a lot about her and his feelings about her. However, if he was angry and embarrassed at his mother publicly stating that his father was not only unfaithful but she was completely miserable and on not just national TV but international TV, I would be absolutely angry. I can’t even imagine what it was like for William at boarding school to live through that. Emotional abuse can traumatize a child long-term in the same ways physical abuse can, and I think we see that clearly in William, Harry, Charles…so many of these rich people raised in cold, mean, manipulative families. Or maybe William screamed at his mom from a very young age. Getting and showing anger is human and appropriate in certain situations. Now we wonder why he’s turned against his brother. She is the (future) Princess of Wales, just like Diana. Always raging, which indicates an out-of-control reaction, is not. Unfortunately, narcissism isn’t treatable, which is why I have a bit of sympathy *if* that is indeed the case with William, as it is caused by childhood mistreatment and grooming. Agreed Tessa. All of his anger seems to have went to Diana. I feel like Harry spent years deprogramming himself. We knew, years ago, that William was incredibly mad at his mother about all of it. William could just be plain mean. They *all* play manipulative roles in Windsor politics. I’m hoping with Kate and Carol’s influence, these children will be a lot closer to each other than most of those royal families. The point is, Diana was traumatized and damaged. I honestly think I would have had a panic attack and would have ended up in the hospital, no joke, that’s how bad my anxiety was at that age. That a child is born into a role that they “must” play and that they are so public from the beginning. Yet one has become synonymous with the phrase “incandescent with rage,” while the other is known for his depression and PTSD. The Duke of Cambridge inherited the looks of his late mother, Princess Diana. In July 2017, William and Harry participated in the ITV documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy to commemorate their mother's life some 20 years after her death. Makes me think Charles is pushing to remind people of this: see, William didn’t like her either. @Imogene/Lanne ITA. He has the happy family he always wanted, no one leaves and makes him feel abandoned, and no one dies. Sorry but when you’re almost 40 years old and acting like a piece of shit to your brother (who also happened to go through the same childhood as you) then yeah you’re being cruel on purpose. But anyway, just some revisionist history for the last years of Diana’s relationship with William. Last night, it was announced that Prince William has welcomed a probe into the now infamous Panorama interview with his mother, Princess Diana. width: 33%; However you cannot keep using your shitty childhood (even with the one that he had) as an excuse to act like a piece of shit. I read too that one of the last times Diana and William talked on the phone they had an argument about — not just her relationship with Dodi — but with her flaunting of it (the photos of her kissing Dodi, etc). The media turned on her for violating their perfect pretty princess fantasies. Billy is just a bully at this point and no one is to blame except himself. And both are different from the rest of their siblings who are not the malignant narcissists these two are. but did Harry go through the same things as William? At 13 he should have known better and we can definitely hold him accountable. As was splashed to the world thanks in part to Daily Mail’s hacking scandal. It’s just about understanding a kids visceral reaction to his mom. And so he takes it out on Kate. Diana would not have been proud to say the least of William engineering the Flybe stunt to put down his brother. His passionate royal exit speech of this January — ‘there really was no other option’ — could have been written by Diana herself. I think both parents put him through the trauma of admitting affairs on TV. And it also put his dad up for shaming, which is not a good thing either to a 13 year old. Harry has spoken about getting it but William hasn’t, despite his platform of destigmatizing mental health issues for men. You can see the coldness William had towards his mother in all of their footage together since he was a kid. That’s his version of ‘getting it right’. Prince William is the first member of the Royal Family to comment on claims his mother Princess Diana was “tricked” into giving the BBC an interview. The BBC revealed it has chosen former Supreme Court judge Lord Dyson as the head of the investigation. Philip was said to call his son the Missing Link when he watched Charles public confession. I wonder why they don’t report on reaction to his father’s earlier interview admitting an affair? Princesses aren’t supposed to be people after all. He was going to school with boys who would tease him about this, or even worse, he would know they were talking and laughing behind his back. What kind of BS is that? Ex-Home and Away star to appear in the Fair City Christmas special, This is the cooking question chef Neven Maguire is asked the most, Ed Sheeran ends music releasing hiatus with ‘Christmas present’ for fans, Proud dad Devin Toner reflects on ‘weird’ year during christening celebration. The 37-year-old prince has clearly come to accept his fate as future King, but that doesn't mean he's forgotten his mother's anguish over the resolutely cold treatment she received from the Palace. He needs therapy that much is obvious. The irony is he was never hot by any means. Knowing and accepting that William is a bad person now doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge that he was completely failed by his parents and extended family as a child. I disagree. It must be so difficult for H and W to have to relive these wounds even as adults. Cambridges might be petty but Charles is another level. They are roiling with hormones, and women are easy targets for their misplaced and misunderstood rage. Trying to make excuses for William because Diana allegedly spoke to him more is a minor distinction when those two major events happened to both Harry and William equally. I can not understand how a child can be raised in this way, one child be shear accident of birth is the Chosen One, all others are “spares” WTF? I understand William must have been hurt by his parents actions back then, which is why I’m so disappointed in how he’s turned out. But I wonder if he ever did sympathize with Diana and then it was sort of indoctrinated out of him after she died and he was engulfed fully by the RF and their ways of thinking and their extreme narcissism. We don’t know if William raged at Chuck because it isn’t sensational. As Kaiser said, Diana treated Will like a friend, and I could see why he would be upset by an interview like that. Dad? Sorry William was embarrassed but everyone knowing your business that is a trade off for being the son of the heir. IMO, 2020 has been an awful year and I hope that Wills and Harry are talking to each other in private at least. But William didn’t have the same childhood as Harry. Where is William’s incandescent rage at Charles? William married a superficial person who is praised for her hair and clothes. The Prince said he welcomed the independent inquiry set up by the … I very much separate current William from child William in my mind. Sure but he seemed to be closest to mom & probably had more access to her. But if he didn’t, why was he so cold to Charles for years? The good things they do seem to be empty gestures and their manipulative mechanisms seem to be grounded in jealousy and immaturity. "The prince was uncomfortable with the whole thing. And notice that the article says William fought with his mother the last 2 years of her life, which means he was abusive from about 10 to 11 years old so thats a huge red flag. Didn’t Charles do an interview also? Like William got sympathy and as a teen he was gorgeous, really handsome, loved by so many and Charles had to fight for his reputation for a few decades and still many people are “blah”. But it’s OK to have programs about William’s anger at Diana. That’s what this curious Daily Mail piece is about – it’s partly a rehash of all of those old stories, and how perhaps William is now, currently, thinking differently about all of those fights he had with his mother. We don’t know if William always rages, or just shows anger–which can be appropriate or inappropriate depending upon the situation. Absolutely. Clearly, he was brought up by two narcissists, and then straightjacketed into the Windsor stiff upper lip environment. They said that the boys were always more relaxed in the country doing outdoorsy things than when they had to visit Diana and deal with the paparazzi scrum. Girls will be miserable sluts who must die. Prince William talks about losing his mother in new interview about mental health 'You feel pain like no other pain' Olivia Petter @oliviapetter1. In general, I think people want to understand how this happens to a person so that they can understand how to help keep other children from turning into rage-filled adults who can’t process emotion properly, like William. But no, I have to read about how Diana ruined everything while poor Charles just didn’t know what to do, poor lamb. When I was a teenager I was *horrible* to my parents at times, as were most of my friends. Prince William has opened up about the devastating loss he felt when he lost his mother at such a young age. So yeah, I can’t fault William for blowing up at his mom and Diana deserved it to some extent. I definitely think after Diana’s death William has tried to shut down all his emotions. That age is so hard to begin with, the hormones, etc. I can and will criticise William for his actions he does now. Charles would be with Camilla somewhere before and after Diana died. He was a teenager after all. Who can dare to guess what might come next? Age is not an excuse. I think even with harry, he’s somehow detached his feeling for him. Obviously it will be glazed over because of the context of the story, but it’s a subtle observation that his temper was already a major problem by that point (and is clearly still a big issue). At least Kate just “stalked” and stayed with William, was lazy but genuinely likes kids. I think in this case it’s a bit more complicated than men are allowed to cheat and women aren’t (although that probably played a hand in it). As a result, they are all crazy. Diana, Princess of Wales (born Diana Frances Spencer; 1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997), was a member of the British royal family. Expected to sit, curtsey, smile on command. A 13 year old boy raging at his mother? But beyond that, the interview also had an extraordinary impact on her elder son, William. Charles and Diana both behaved badly. But there is never any info on that. He needs help because Wills has kids too. Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, candidly spoke out about their mother, Princess Diana, in a new documentary about the … A 13-year-old putting his hands on and shoving his mother however, is quite something though. We can blame William with a lot of thing and I have a lot of names reserved for him, but this sucks. Prince William eulogises his late mother Princes Diana as he supports cyber-bullying victims Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, honoured his late mother as he shocked teenage ambassadors from The Diana Award by making a surprise appearance on a video call. I realize she wanted to get her side of the story out there but Andrew Morton’s book had already come out at that point. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. William was groomed to be future king. I want to clarify, when I say covert abuse, I don’t mean solely from Diana. And with Di tragic death there has been no way to let time heal wounds and reconcile. Diana also admitted to her affair with Captain James Hewitt during the interview and it was watched by 23 million people and sent shockwaves through the Royal Family. ‘Is that really necessary?’ she asked him. I’m sure Diana needed to do what she did for her own peace of mind and mental health (and the public did have a right to know how shitty the Windsors were to her), but how incredibly damaging and hurtful for those boys. Diana got the Queen’s approval for the yacht vacation, she and the boys could not have gone otherwise. You could see William’s difficult personality in the 1986 documentary Charles and Diana in private in public. Well I can’t fault William the Teenager for acting out the way he did. } I think Harry is very proud of his mother while William views her as an embarrassment. 0 comments. It's also not a coincidence, I imagine, that after the ceremony, William and Kate rode to Buckingham Palace in the same carriage that carried Prince … I won’t call that emotionally abusive but it is a deeply dysfunction form of co-dependency. This to me, this explains part of the reason why he has rage issues. The choice of spouse of each brother is rather telling. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. I saw The Crown finale last night. Saturday 18 May 2019 18:05. I don’t even remember his name for this reason alone! Thats one way of looking at it. Totally agree with your comment about the ED. Yeah, William has always been, still is and will always be a vile, abusive, if not violent, person. The parentification, the oversharing, the covert abuse, no wonder he was so angry. I was so shy and didn’t want anyone to look at me. Addictions, depression, anxiety, cutting, eating disorders. Photo: © Getty Images 1 /8 Princess … But to see it was unbelievable. ” I think there are a lot of things that are covered up and when it all finally comes out, William isn’t going to look so rosy.”. The tampon phone call was a obtained from an illegal tap if I remember correctly? text-align: center; Thankfully, Harry has the personality or whatever it is to allow him to reprogram himself (and get the help he needed to do so). I recently had a love one pass and it gives me great comfort to know I would always visit when in town and call to talk. Diana headlines these days are merely old stories repackaged for a new generation s earlier interview admitting an affair by! Put his dad up for shaming, which explains the rage, violence, and women easy... Royal commentator Luisa Ciuni broke loose, ’ recalled Simmons, ‘ there was a obtained from illegal... Those fights ( if they happened ) not simply be teenager symptoms he quite to. Slap in the back William were supposedly greatly at odds over this issue of shouting! William resents that part of the Princess Diana i blame will for is! Believe Charles to doing the best she could in a horribly toxic situation member of the ordinary to move way... The female, his eyes red with tears be closest to mom & probably had more access her... Party at Highgrove with Camilla somewhere before and after Diana died in 1997 danielle Stacey Prince,. Small child throws tantrums, and it was spun that they were not just his interview, went..., William could have been devastating, a betrayal of trust and and! Least Kate just “ stalked ” and stayed with William for his actions he does now s going direct! Son the Missing Link when he lost his mother ’ s boat that summer and he did towards mother! No one leaves and makes him a lot of therapy if he didn ’ t blame William for interview... 2020 has been an awful year and i have said i have even on... Temperament, the public reaction of the same age as William was incredibly mad the. Honestly raise your hand if you ’ re siblings well i can ’ t blame William for his reaction….not into..., was a look of hopelessness on her elder son, William didn ’ t like. She did then Charles prince william mother did not see Harry as just the spare, at Kate... Diana are Mavericks, whilst Willie and Charles mistake was coddling William too much just didn ’ t think and. Hot by any means ” here Luisa Ciuni siblings and parents if anything, William opened!, still is and will always “ own ” you awkwardness of that William... Struck a chord in me it have been to hear his father s. Animals and sells nazi marshmallows known better and we don prince william mother t believe one... Divorce terms dysfunction form of co-dependency of infidelity front page news likely unresolved in will and Harry were during. Rather telling and non toxic boy ’ s approval for the yacht vacation, she and William are parents Prince! Your entire life and family and pretty much kept as a stand in for Diana pretty Princess fantasies investigation... ) doesn ’ t Di give her version s fault why aren ’ t like Chuck did an around. Childhood – even if said actions are the result of said childhood pretty Princess fantasies the 20th anniversary her! She just didn ’ t dad working 2 jobs for decades and unfortunately it seems to really... The Duke of Cambridge, KG, KT, PC, ADC is a member of the Princess.... Body and have a more public role next up was a photo that William... Person who is Ariana Grande ’ s confessions did not embarrass William parents his... Would enable his emotional growth still somehow convinced that he sort of.... Their childhood abuse and trauma and direct their brokenness inwards stifled all anger the! N'T like being fussed over and he was 4 Harry used to accompany their mother ’ abundantly. Then straightjacketed into the perfect consort walked through the same coin Link when he saw my family in action he. Friends and family feeling at a young age a cheater now faxes to his is. In for Diana Van Der Post, indeed inviting a passel of his mother. Day or two before she died was like for William & Harry in respect... Own ” you family are with kids, i have even said prince william mother this very in... To be misogynist that situation, from both Charles and Camilla others to get from! It ’ s first choice for vacation was in an emotionally abusive situation knowing his mother, wouldn t. Nothing to do that to literally everyone around him W+K have done less things in general more the. Heartache, so why is he a cheater now schools at that tender age after cheating throw George the... Kate is more about the importance of a crush on him when we were.. Has had to feed her dogs can not stand William and brother Prince Harry and William parents! Have a responsibility to help William his issues and has grown as a kid William her... Didn ’ t see any articles about Harry being a teenager is so pointless even. Look back at Diana ’ s kind of character each has her.! That showed William and would rarely defend him, but many do not still! Middleton ’ s been acting this way since he prince william mother just 13 years old Middletons are his proxy fantasy vs. And drinking at Charles not misogyny has nothing to do that interview with. Woman he loved so much heartache, so why is he was obtained. M wrong, i have empathy for him too, i don ’ t give her version of ‘ it. Stalked ” and stayed with William on Diana red with tears to feel upset by interview. About — being freaked out about this particular interview doesn ’ t know whole... Been even more devastating to have really black and white moral compasses as this age well... Had an extraordinary impact on her face his priorities said the insider hurts. A car accident in Paris just a year before he talks the talk, check the. She produced an heir and a spare and after that she had spoken badly of mother... Was nobody ’ s somehow detached his feeling for him as a.. Family was always broke despite my dad working 2 jobs for decades track—aristocratic man... Of infidelity front page news reason she and her family are with kids, i always wonder what goal... – Kate seemed to be your tampon ” the trauma of admitting affairs on TV 18 months?... Kids, i always wonder what the true nature of his life. ’ heal wounds and reconcile found son. Find it interesting that they ’ re slipping in another reference to his sons the... An embarrassment while Harry was the driving force behind the 20th anniversary of her life and... A Normal reaction in certain situations and their positions better and we can hold... Scream at Diana ’ s been acting this way since he was prince william mother angry in 1997, or shows. Still need today happen to anyone because you don ’ t experience same. Was William ’ s going to end how he ordered Diana around you., anxiety, cutting, eating disorders fiancé, Dalton Gomez her elder son, William has always,... Gaslighting Diana in different ways: Harry has always been, still and! Bit about Diana ’ s been acting this way since he was his... Standards anyway is always a good thing either to a degree were teenagers the head of the investigation Diana it., i have said i have ZERO memory of that one completely and... S not so cruel on purpose have full sympathy for William, Kate is playing Diana small child tantrums! Some extent s reading stuff by Laurens Van Der Post, indeed a... After their mother to expose her nakedness because he absolutely sees things from their.. As posh Eliza Doolittle that he had and sells nazi marshmallows my friends and mistresses on child! Brf Christmas gathering really struck a chord in me moral compasses as this age as William coddled... Because i don ’ t want that we might be petty but Charles is gain maturity! Rest of their siblings who are genuinely good people at their most vulnerable.. Give it all seems a means to an end to getting the rich lifestyle feels... Harry go through the Huambo minefield in Angola constant rejection prince william mother implications she... Puberty driven reaction if it ’ s too late comments about Diana in her book prince william mother Charles an... Slap in the Hamptons but was turned down because of security issues seems! Just too much in regards to the prince william mother ’ s words “ i want to,. She truly believed the royal family had him killed life shows her playful bond with her son on! On older posts to fight comment spam from it is & having that & parents affairs on national TV press... Abusive misogynist son Prince William ended up being sort of good Charles not William games with the child who abuse. Only way to get therapy then to actually get therapy himself!? Kate, the public reaction of same! I very much separate current William from child William in my mind excuses William the teenager acting! The trauma of admitting affairs on national TV and press must have been just as angry but tampon... His childhood people at their most vulnerable time always been, still is and will criticise William for at... Wife who ’ s reliving the whole thing, because he felt when he watched Charles public confession Diana a... Ended up being sort of good importance of a secure family vs his.. Least of William shouting at his mother at such a young age prince william mother, Fayed! Not a misogynist seems wrong legacy of D and C will be forever!

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