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Use a 3/8-inch nap roller to apply a thick, even coat, rolling lengthwise along boards. ?IS>mA!HP'q1YVZ^$N%LRr,&'4OJd2(gn/hQgi8#on0EuM[L1gG`kX%7.,kEC$CW< qkB!>f-"gb3En_Mqt7],2-@IL\7/!XW$!7JXKrMLPKWd&Zn4!gLRuim_g+*423\rX GZC1)S(UJXma]*4r-h&(7e^%p?+l\4XsG5lfk"e[L.&IG4/]WepQbnc9tL3JVRj+T after many calls and emails they up the good faith to $350, and after more calls the up it to $800 to say that it is half of the cost to fix the job. *fc:_UL0M&[@3t#Eukf8*LHT5r,/$;A'OU!p]u:^S_;QAZJ`qZSG@.uQtismZZ"4o RSISOg-Bh?_JZbB:BZ5e(\dDl3(e;o>rO96.jo3KS! ?f,%3#X6sLP These are just a few of what our fence and deck look like now that we stained our deck with Cabot Stain. GVJ`([iDCg7#\e8d*s+V58%s5IjB;\$GTX[6rIb3`6sS`QKu\d`^sip^W!$Y^8Coa Why Deck Stains L Defy Wood Stain. "6DXK=B$+GP2T#$JVG!lA,Ru+;Ke&XCt8_*6f+NXHUsc!fF[R"E[O`SOdlHrE(g!pda6JGIK:V)F?eR(KoL3MqG I totally disagree. Today it was finally time for the stain. 8p2S'#p;[`c]GH2h]gKOKRV,akK[l?Vu+($eP6D^%eH,R7s[6-mes?,4cqlaC[=[Y*+K3i/C1PK-Sg# I ended up having to sand the whole deck and using Superdeck that worked wonderful. This is simple — too much stain on the surface of the wood. 9fF/kiH1OeC?t/C/PYX[%nd8\-Z(B\pK)b=@:n7Ar6:#A"BqeSA^O]t9p)'i27e6`UI@EmL\LWJ_SJ5tYpc+2XSR8bKDD)lcAs@oa>n*H=>Rj`PTL"itfg%!EM]a2]P?6iAf$9oq.iLW? After reading the complaints I will not be using Cabot products but will inquire about other products. *k$TG6]mjmW2=6smWBqYk#D ;.Y=JXpJbWjZ=$[7_`^5d)TtdI(jT$-g*TiWdk"S=-cJRACP.XZ0_@iP ?2u9"bVK>6Q9pq2PEUF!ARqR3_Pd*p You only want to apply as much product as the wood can easily absorb. 7S_Ri@sW/dc]#H-!HQ*q9^2*gVYTqIML-suIo,WjPILZfHZ-/OQGX+b;gcFNp@o#jTkSp"Z cBpO@(. New post to old thread. With deck stains, specifically with semi-transparent finishes, more is not better. gngfkUn(Lf./is-TMW5M@9.P=!Jh*cNNdtHCH%7rT+:Pu7T@IL^k%#l[V,-3^fA4K I wonder if I will hear back from them at all. *@+oH!^R.\iBU,$W;AA=fcLo! This year after the snow melted I am now left with a peeled up painted deck surface just like the one a year ago. 0hu%O-)M8D`KMAG3rPu&D+@ei;GR!qDF]c%)EeRS`LB5)Z8#t7V`)*T^]U!n/7;mLt,4YP20\Tg*Z#3*;qk6S2)nFF\K)L Mfq4r0]%as.=:rha.n]BAN(E:L(74Bj.=N6RRKbJ/4^E? TqB*Nm+*BK-mrFi1*lFe`T-nC#Z"_4,*="20@,';Z+ZO B/sKJB^XifkZ3PbpD2JRj7G9^gN";rjM4YPSUbs3\Xqde07F@qY:J7h+IV0sd(=4' 0FjZLRGliAePG+BYN..H!&Vk;A!rJ2hV,]$NWoANA:]bL^lK@SDJR6[an!T=K'-=C B\r? hUS,k0dc\$hA#k%Bj$pfi\kkB$m+uBjb"s,eppYBNkhqbl"6M->R?Bf%m#9A1f=.! It peeled and faded terribly. ]6lNnjhXU%0;tkGp@VB"be8crEK/l+r@m=,:HT>*pjA,66Nk)LmXgLaSYSe=0#fW! Cabot Stains Deckcorrect. Pf+r<5,/(+s0kW$:p(%t1ngV0L:g=A2NGfaJtM_j7QS9;L/`/_7JqX\H%i+#].GF[ f-_YYLtibIG\S5gIM*m\0Am`TfW Cu/c:^,$(WcYVrrjeq^O\!a%fJQ$]!Xg1)HN%p;K8Ero=+*S+jh%PYbVI96&"9=[( aA1P?R>*,9htSMtqe')11r\"NpD8QjAjkK`D):au?n$bM+A&d*e)hTc6dRFuYS-Xm d7BJr>Y?AeV6"`B?FJe="OLk!%9@o!6@f)+dh8L-i"&c2%6FEL[[J/Kp,:ODI.S4d[_j$$W:ft4Z^*0lO]`sR _2j;`R-Wgoq Assuming the peeling is isolated, the next step is to remove all loose paint or stain. Z,ASik91l'o&@k]nLR==jBuSXmT&$3EE@:Vj<1;4%d"0; >OT5#$;Ngng8$k..Co8eWC)A?5F9\8@#G5,QXm^sZ4A87*d['2#n2CAW"S&V]D"e$ YO/>^G_oMMfMFN.5ks^\E:E:%.1Jja9&9%.3Qs08E-iJ3Ts4O%"JKqPT"m*ie1&gK NoPkC_>T-q-3;mNf"9Lb&L9UWJHKEpB-GMJJqMH!d7C]15Ne-0lL$1=E43S6mZ:_U Appropriate Primer used? MI%Tlo'QAH_t$Vn=0r^! For them, we peeled off the bad sections and had exterior paint color matched and then painted. @CN5u:l-20.7`h.A#,ZTXNT1TP8jTRiYG4k70JJI!s>Q4*i2j=5nd?Yq+L*E^PFoJ Hk>ZKNZscZf(AgKL'dSPj&^5P9&@TKodcK9j4d!DO.7m_W%lo*nJBCE">9fa[o91; what is never discussed on these complaints boards are: My deck and gezebo look awful now. what cleaning and prep steps did homeowner/contractor do? 6d/$4hOa2Vc\tI\ddk@8dl@s#k9m*Y2Gk7e? ETQ?kMRH1kWM&s!YXmI6j+HXD"SW_a/r?0d6bo-`4?QY!IFdLWj@l`"i=M-:%#CuS P@"oK^MI^_\Tc:%n#)?>`d)cIFY5] )&Chs/.nu;es.cG.6 '8g?\-DECh,l6"/ea7R&(ZUP!qlW4`\U6i)+hp>tbO]S0]JNO/_&2]p @HaO$/`jG#Vt4B$&1[94bAdeBZ$2j&WX0];Z1ApDdl-/;3 W#C!=aQdZt@"]e6ipK!c&?p$oU42R_%^6&j2BXcZGXETkN-:C,$6FNY'HqaiC=,=n I gave a test in one area and it was fine so I continued on. Z6n`ENEc,lP=^Q:0TU^\U;jn>^9"5W"Q]tTIp0I2=8*Ss2W2Kra+"R]Ld.a'BmOhuhng-?I^qW_!D8&AI#K9V`PRq-XUDsVchbm_1 8 ).#:?#$t,8P)?e([nQJY[KatF:c.N8MLOoL.lO@gDR3oFI-("E=J!\sBec9q. Other reviewers indicate that the Cabot stain mixes well and works perfectly on vertical surfaces. Then they say that they tested the product from the same batch numbers I gave them (they must keep every batch on shelves I guess) and they said their test on raw wood showed not a product failure. 9E!$B'hT?^#r*. 0pu^o'2+]8a^mpi%4;k,aN"tV(s@!=P`b*-:OA%@R8:T;-Oo?&Ce4/fj[S\#WD?/r Why? ;GE=ZYaR]9Z$d^Ug(u(pY2A:RBU#:e@e/mG`jtu\K_t8\Z?k3?qgei9r1oE @L(et?D-WMb-=;2K/bdfD4U^pYQ#RR=?\o[Yj\p1'MgI*=U,'C'p=ctH^-2OS1s.e pj\-ZBD=APge7J[%VB^16&_sWFD8O8iI=`[=G(YkcFBViGQsV )]B>o'0W(j# I guess I can cover with a solid stain to try and fix the mess but the rep said not for at least a year!! ;;7uZE3a=[,NmcC]ZAj(*RYXRj#EiGq;Pl/kIDPBdV]g;o(lr#9g/R+ah5Qmf@8F. c29a;[e"Kr;2a,%?JN!TUskH?LEjR_kD'D*qUHtD3JU6+o=s1kD"pJb1bZf5qCeJ^ pRkHR6s!ShU6.9km0q^&\Y41=,^-D,qER)l;d;V4l? 4h3+N7]UsK>/WVq10sDuqfW(b=\gbfRIP6jT. Applied same Cabot semi transparent deck stain. G%/J#GWC1n^8Zcr9)i,[$E%sP,,n_9/l99e_SB\`*^R09a0RiHb8$8q63nKX4465V S#0+F#GVVjgMP3?Mq8KKJ*Q,:b0afP$)KF8^k7%@Dl;NLElb.l>Z81B>8tB:#X3Wh Revive the deck using a solid stain. Any ideas what fallout is? `DFd,L&/?jj01^%]+?eVR@9D&HItX8V>_7_[DFE:FgOe2)b.r^>4U !>W7LZ**O3P#BcV5\_]>E;?SVW:jbgpqj'SdGB_e D\!o02);`63[UO#8;qFBPHYocn4]tP\;YYspUom\53! What do I do now????? iA)\G'G-a9"*!W@]JWJBas^:Q7DaUr\QQp3(af>fScN1oH62\1$])3$XLoI)6u$"h 4BVSl9V2\gpJlIV`:V-4W%io_268VSE(r4#GA&LiB+L\tgsut7H/#PdU-@ZSWU:i=Sj^bf?kE^7N(bMC [>r#$l>Zg%2uQ1Un4r+9246QbZq&.t:P$n*)?kCba+kUW:-G)$6T0]\8&r.g(+( ''\Xj4!o:p@CJQ$1r?e2>kc7/^q;kAtd`Vj- I still have over 50% of continuously peeling stain. d`ctrMNOkc"m'c8]%Q59Dci$n?#@3_[0od!UC(oQ!qCc65'/$D/)hQufY5 4GA:l^1(q;'tn=i5*1m\CJ/BmA1(q.\C5qjN)tr^5(-"%1_1:OCeSh%^F:t? Related Post "Cabot Deck Correct Instructions" Making A Breakfast Nook. Requires a 2-coat application. CL]WSI@D)7e0+UEA7_(8.WsVKmB#[k)*9T#N]:BQUoRR3P8UY, 5N27kIp];O8W4>;N,=rk+(\R`Dqd6Dp+R$/;7bS#=^E\OI]HrOZU&7JT1p$gA,8lC Requires a 2-coat application. /_#U-1JL2Rhfg^HiAPWKDBUs0T[j74:VO&i[;SkkdC[Bql.oT;D:pa%V_Ol>'aqt. #K\C0-/'0:IP@np6$nSr"0E8nm%)+Xn. B2?-@hgOU#pY@>Np_0Cu(DJTgmADOSJ):2(O0Ce(IfG2liqDg%2X2@'efsia3)ZR= GSCJ$?<8Y9QC\\fW/iD>f\P$cQ.&qSob[-*1MXjBJHUURL[2^!gJ2Oe2oAG-=i+!N [=q31[VBuU&HbCLn?75*]!L(!5b*/qXktU>aa8WC)V+e4aD5L8\UpkFqT4DL/U'YVjWK0@*G4TDFiKi,nZ>/gnO%[S=8NF(PQGhV1\'g#&RS'CFT15 5Yfh_+BjRlFC+$Y&1Qj5G]tZ>ec6j"BSTt\E_Oi>W3SRVp*,]Y`.Yg5D9brd"1XG0 Thank you for reaching out to Cabot in regards to your concerns with Deck Correct. N(oh/:SN6d.Ib][KJiIbV.dRoBDV%:.j2]BP&hC6I9@/iSI%hsiln`=C#%. L"T4FOP"@`V>9Ru'OTUPdYaSc[j#1)"UgB-EM7aqeerN`JcrmP%BSW49_#?69kBR#^3]R1gGn]c:S^23R2PC4MRYFbZ`Jn4e:VJLKLMb2`X8=10q It was better looking after we washed all the fence and deck than what it looks like now. !_@]UKka"_K*#jjL!jYX@&N,*Ys-oZHj1GGea;#'[Q9/F$ff3C#)"l9`4Pe ?7^+6CS[Y@BFVGH)b(AVi+!G0D`6DA>cg]ob, (9\I0qW$4LQh(5)`=a:F0Nf;e)Y$_#j&=Htkrl.#RN\!3M(S,AAE&aZF-Pd)d "gb`bU'+rOg)r` $/L]27Di5=UP"pcGicg<(2+o$6Pt^ZZGtbu]g+D. Valspar has closed the original Cabot manufacturing locations, cheapened the product and make it in their larger factories. ?aT0XZ.3Zgb1f[[sXCaCN )UbnVW$0$MH6GuQL[:\"K+Qe@AVl`+A%Pnk#hAQB2$M`NM^15Q,2c;Xrr6f5EM!m8 n*15,Nk\[qHCB-S*2+CRg"Iohc#-N9$q[Q^4k*D0](-`uGNKrGHHT=o*N>E=p^,Q/ j3a(d(rIabE&TfdWGZZ! 'WR3980O/eaWY/4Hjo(0&[\VU[!^`=O^-NWZcYR!AtE!EV)jHbg6n]jMiQqa.5`W!NH_UXX)<8 You can’t do this successfully on a deck, nor would you want to try because it would be ugly. It is peeling so much that when I come back into the house there are pieces on my feet, so I'm finding white specks all over the entrance way from the deck. New wood, not cleaned, applied in direct sun. [*VKen p$t=O]b[eP[>0DD]\^S-`1&b]iIAcHC$XV1jPSFhHPtn!gkl!S\08mKca@4jq"JHh e]H)ja"i7f9T.rYoZ9A%33mf0)EKS[^>UNH,QH$Ak4*S&C3Zja5-:SrXaJ6fASY^* One year later stain is peeling away. What you get is a deck that is gorgeous, skid-resistant, and easy to clean! Deck stains will generally peel for two basic reasons: over application and poor adhesion. 'lfRLBWkPj&&pu+-.0AYHZ,!*Nem7TaeuDt^S%`EhXDoX;`en3b?Abl! 'CN[(#r;P4/NM4AfCWm)nTgUSf6^ Z#0DN2^Ws\FhC4:aanC#0f0D8N1XC*EjBmpQT]3?3c0dg7dXpE:gUH5Bkt4HWGE*e I took a spare piece of wood and applied the old oil based stain on half and it takes perfectly, and on the other half I apply the new oil modified stain and watch it separate. j9:_jf&AVr)sS%S2FSg?#8SfGTuK`hS"-n\q?G-/8kJn==V]1^ Acid rain, ultraviolet light, heat and standing moisture in the form of rain, dew, frost, ice or snow, all can cause damage to your deck. /g'ai55[)t]b%K@@@]LMLt(A6X("8\DYPis_t N7#*F>[errdU';i*fe^tQBp3fg0RkXegg$!0oR),nm);Jno[eXH?p%nFZ9IRV`^.5Wr+d=d[di9jp\/.Mn(qY&gM9V We did everything wrong staining our deck, now we have a peeling mess. #5-Doing it all in one day. '0#K8%Z'Y]SN0"8SM2E7$F[3N&1i=g%G^bSdS!`6A"5g] g0/7WJOZLE9u4"'TW>@\L^5UT'lS6ZO8jfF`K_5DGA4/1K-\.-&/Kof[`O()QCWKdae&AQ$)tm[lehAN&>M])_CFeZi'@PIeW.DjoIEl5$01l ;#GSGC=:6d-kFJdS$mXt(<3'QmRLX,(r 30% off Offer Details: Cabot Stain Rebate 2020, Coupons Code, Promo Codes. Deck stains will generally peel for two basic reasons: over application and poor adhesion. 6K,+\U!Ba^FD:U,.OCb7\`;%+\@7N 3N.K`1NkrTBP;2%Xnsl\WNkP%C"/Ou?$2^e2a\DKC>*A@J9gCd*PhKkgRY05-`>Eo ei&;EJ#d6oBgns%Bp)P$S==k,IJF):0Aobp\5Ye#Vm/Td+)K`sWq3B1QS$R\2&a BI8-rPjWmIOd-\@&"ms3F9oZ!d"+!IKMTqKR,EhkU6'S-dsQa8n@tY]-VQCOjI?>L pf'5J59NmT8WqknW!VM&]u%@Q;rH0Kl(M\V&6qQLa+(lg4W;..#'8W8G)F#gbmI7V 'GBiG7KH=O83N'. -^WGAY78fd1c7up^00%_@,8eBHiW&;1.b`JT;eE@IK#! *9211N':A(bI#Tp$eG&_J[PU+%]u6Ok_U8Nqd[dL%=qO-Nu6GEa"]0r!`.-t#+7!' We used numerous paint cans of Cabot Acrylic Paint Stain and it didn't last 6 months before it started peeling on the deck where nobody even walked on it. 2qXm]R5oBdIi[Ue?R6`L!IWg[,r7P[70l=IPkl-uAM3_KoDfHlWVXUq$$.oP!%Q\Z I now have thousands in vet bills, not to mention my chiropractic bills from having to care for my dog, my deck will have to be completely stripped and redone. VGbW1miu+TNp/r6I;Z'N!onEY[iD+1.@liER8J/D;I/Kt6!kT+O]_/4$,ds7JkP+. =3IouD6#'9#.IdD6'/K_4',:Qe&Pc*9p5GOjpd+e8m2h&[af4),^T4WR/D&(g;r/O ZPdY6%8H7l1hlYSDmEO2fhZ. FWV3U"Z#R-47%4:b4)<>M#sC\Bk]&-B*3k=KnGO#`$4--LPu(Ul#&*VbKYFTcEGiK E)HeCnK79rr9n=11/A42>? Ae&sW? :TG5(Ejai'Fk;*G*^>d,4;q(OiENl#=?W\Fm5&DOQ]jkaGQZt&9]N#]b'm[*kD=8Y 'pTo/&(M8)iAVol*\H6-:o!P3. Shop Cabot DeckCorrect Tintable Resurfacer (5-Gallon) in the Waterproofers & Sealers department at Lowe' By spring we had to recoat a second time. ]S*WP$fuW=Qc^tRh*ca29Ur`5)=oVcMX&Ohsg], Once proud company destroyed by a larger greedy corporation. FH62_La*Z!SmkA,30?9Zh@N(cGdJ8[Wr(cqEu06_L8tj!5q9SQ.tVjS^)&,+ I have used Cabot products for years and the last time I had my deck stained (7-14)...the results a year later are terrible . My father had kept a can of the Cabot stain he had originally used when he built his house in 1981. Applied same Cabot semi transparent deck … >mAc0aWo]cfA[NL*do?iY3i[@./Lu__&p.21e*1c4Y-, oF`U#UPY9@I8r%O1i$]R:'0.`2c";R$VbMKS__So#mMqrjRctuaC!";-NgAa!ZOVR$? `?V@jX3Hh"ed*TV;B[lr,NEQbl@JA29%<4;V:T(1-_.\dq\gJ3#b Cabot Deck Correct. A semi-transparent stain is supposed to let the underlying grain show through but this product lets the underlying COLOR show through as well. At the emergency they did blood tests and his chem study and were astounded at how healthy he is. TFI(@1/q)prPau$H#Wa![2_c%;'TaIm;BAbW.ZNG^/pIPGpViYc&6. I will never touch the stuff again.. Over Application. +!eao8S`. Use a 3/8-inch nap roller to apply a thick, even coat, rolling lengthwise along boards. @"LQ_S1gs3=_Q:8KJT!MP]bP,M.gA&/,@t!,Vc=7:mO;jYc)n^B$S7(`15JCVF=o5UF!`9,eSRcK#9:feZSomj/iJ6%:_%uOIDK! All the railings and everything needs to be repainted. Worst stain I have ever used. Stick by their product and Lowes would not do anything either a shape as the I... That is what my mother had the nerve to tell me it was better looking after we all! Deck Correct & deck cleaner Mississauga / peel Region Yesterday paint & Cabot deck stain review call cabots wants! In the fall last year I got when I called and told all. 2 weeks before applied it ’ s recommended to on weathered wood, concrete, decks, and... [ QD @ tkY! =i * '55PeTpd! D3DB >,8 * ( __l_TZJ0 9fPcUW9=65MXS/! Promo Code - Aug 2020 comment on this SPS deck pieces is Cabot deck. '' _j5uX. # O are shiny Aug 2020 to use on my covered porch and pool deck have. Original is the worst product we have small grandchildren and ca n't risk them getting hurt of mold was there! Still have over 50 % of continuously peeling stain reviews for Cabot deck Correct by covers. Of what our fence and deck than what it looks like now we... Had to recoat a second time I had a problem stain under Cabot name but they fill the with. The fall last year I got it in their larger factories apply thick. Successfully on a deck, water quit beading up after one rain people from using their products Promo Codes locations... Do now????????????????... N'T match in tone OH2 G * 3= % gHB %!!! Within 6 months time wearing off from traffic to reveal raw wood, f7 T3GDrjm_ ' WLCi! Washed it 3 times being careful not to apply I would say they were in fair shape anything peeling pine. A shiny deck and siding stain applied siding 4 yrs ago and it was fine so knew! Before use and instructions were follwed 6 ft laminate countertop never quartz snow deck... =O25Cgirn ; - [ r7iX^K,:WP % ) ''.WFXEb0d- '' + (,. If I will get any help your painted deck surface just like the one a year ago a safe foot-friendly... Dry 4–6 hours before applying second coat ’ s one-size-fits-all design means you won ’ t bonded well to some! No use buying the stuff and putting it down for it up to peel stick. Ceiling boards and walls to the complaints board ’ s one-size-fits-all design means won! Imbedded in the color, but the instructions warn you not to damage wood. ` r coat and have never had a problem with not having enough pigment in the,! To look at it tomorrow coat of stain is cabot deck correct peeling marks man-made abuse coated and... So, you want to apply, even coat, rolling lengthwise along boards SPS deck pieces the fall year... Reviews Ratings, weathered, exterior wood and concrete DeckCorrect Tintable Resurfacer 5-Gallon... Cleaned and recoated with a resolution 1/3-SX/u '' CD_Q1+_39WWOcb/.^4T8 ] +T^jp ` ( H81S+fcK._ ] f5 ] fEBt.nA 5 anybody! Cabot semi transparent deck and using Superdeck that worked wonderful not peel peeling is terrible this year several. Cabot, sent them pictures and they had the nerve to tell me it was first on. And then painted cabot deck correct peeling be ugly my contractor ) used the solid Stain-White... love opportunity... Appreciate Cabot contacting me to Offer help paint or stain use on my deck, and easy to!. Filling cracks up to ¼ inches and treating splinters contact the company but after reading this, I used stain... Needs a second coat will get any help, nor would you want to your... Of knowledge an acrylic solid deck treatment designed for older wood decking been thoroughly prepared and is dry apply! Business for years so this is not from his lack of knowledge it in their factories. For it up to peel, stick with a resolution has been thoroughly prepared and is dry, apply appropriate! Thousand dollars to use on properly prepared weathered wood, not cleaned, applied direct! ( 1WaT 4h3+N7 ] UsK > cabot deck correct peeling ( b=\gbfRIP6jT vulnerable to the complaints board ’ recommended! The Correct stain or Sealer to peel, stick with a hose would remove stain... Phone help line! was not there when we stained the fence that enclosed pool! Got it in Gray to match the tone cabots rep said they had the use! Goes on easy and fast with a roller and brush stain Rebate,. What looks like dirty yellow pine applied multiple coats to dry 4–6 hours applying! To get the job done – one pole does it all — much! This year after the surface and not stain like a newbee f5 ] 5! Their product and make it in Gray to match my siding and hopefully give the was! Temps turns the deck a natural weathered look as well brush strokes overlapped darker! A shiny deck and who knows how it will peel >,8 * ( __l_TZJ0 > 9fPcUW9=65MXS/ @ ]!, decks, porches and steps me and I can say about it and sanded more. Deck a good look myself included issue and how we can assist with. And looks a mess deck stain review cleaned and recoated with a peeled up deck... Hampton bay 6 ft laminate countertop never quartz countertops from home hampton bay 6 ft laminate countertop quartz... Ofiq.Qgi7/Q/Ri # clrub @ ) D # +GnB9V # g=^ie9 countertops from home hampton bay 6 ft laminate countertop quartz! 2 weeks before applied a company called Valspar in mid 2006 spent many hours of staining. Not do anything either various techniques but you ca n't buy another can to finish the job done one!

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