Cost to remove a multi-stemmed birch tree These trees are some of the easiest to work with and will only take half-a-day for two workers. That will depend upon the length and depth of the hedge and whether you hire an excavator. Removing a Leylandii hedge advice please. The removal of a small hedge (2 to 4 metres) could cost between £100 and £250 including waste removal, and larger hedges can cost around £250 to £400. ✔ Find a local gardener in your area Overhanging branches also affect pricing because more care has to be taken when they’re removed. It cost alot of money to have them cut down (nearly £800) and then more money to have the stumps ground out as they were too large to dig out by hand. Time to complete: 30 seconds! 1. The cost of the fence with labor and materials ranges from $2,270 to $5,760. As a specimen tree it has an elegant, columnar form with dense foliage. Leylandii is a fast-growing evergreen tree that has popularly been used as a rapidly growing hedge; even in poor soil, Leylandii can achieve record heights in just a few years and therein lies the problem. Bit scary to start with as it all looked very post-apocalypse, with a sea of mud interspersed with twigs - but now it is wonderfully bucolic, even in late December, with hoar frost clinging to the last vermilion-coloured rosehips. Looking for a gardener to start as soon as possible? To spread the cost, some people remove the bulk of the trees first and then have the stumps ground out at a later date. A landscaper will take about 15 to 20 hours to plant a 209-foot hedge of Leyland Cypress at an average of $45 to $65 per hour, for a total labor cost of $680 to $1,300. Roots will often extend to a radius that is wider than the hedge height which is something to also consider when the trees are being removed. The average cost of hedge trimming and removal is traditionally dependent on two things: the height and length of the hedge. If we have to use climbing equipment like a rope and harness to deal with your hedge, then it will cost in the region of £120+VAT per hour. Free Member. ✔ Compare FREE quotes from local companies It can come down to a simple trade-off between the height of the trees versus a neighbour dispute and the balance will vary according to each individual set of circumstances. But it depends on the height of the tree. Hiring garden tools? However, if you charge per cubic metre, you will usually have to add disposal costs of around £35-£45 per cubic metre of waste. There is no specific law but the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 applies to high hedges and councils are allowed to take action where “reasonable enjoyment of a property is being adversely affected by the height of a high hedge which is situated on land owned or occupied by another person”. If you have an open fire or log burner then you might want to consider taking some of the wood for your winter log supply once the trees have been felled. Many factors, both of the site and tree, can affect root spread. I have to remove (or at least top) approx 20 Leylandii from my folks back garden. Leave the area to rest and recover and then consider a planting programme for the following spring. Weeding services explained. I am looking to get 6-7x 15-20ft Leylandii removed, and want to get a scope of what would be a reasonable price. A better compromise is to have the trees professionally cut back if your neighbour is complaining about their complete removal which will hopefully maintain the privacy of the adjacent property and not present such an enormous and high hedge to potential purchasers. If you are concerned about removing the Leylandii hedge in one go, you could consider removing it in stages by cutting down a few plants at intervals each year and interplanting with a hedging plant of your choice. In this guide, we’ll look at the average conifer tree removal cost. To can give you a quote for a new fence first I need to know from what material you want the fence. ... (1/4 ac) behind the Leylandii. They can do as they are not easily something you can hide and most people are well aware of the issues that surround them. The title deeds to the property will reveal who owns the trees and therefore has the right to remove them (or not). King-ocelot. Tree felling costs will depend on the size of the tree and its location. The work should only take around half a day. To hire an excavator will typically cost between £50-£120 per day. Leylandii are well known for draining soil of its nutrients and so it is worth spending time digging over the earth after their removal, pulling weeds and any other unwanted species. This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service. Removing Leylandii. Compare FREE quotes from local gardeners in your area. You can add a few inches of manure below the bark to re-energise the soil. If you live in London, the cost will come around to £750. Lawn mowing prices explained, What is the cost of tree pruning? It is best to get a professional to help you with hedge trimming or removal as it can be a very long and difficult process without the correct tools and knowledge of the species you are dealing with. I would suggest to your neighbour that if left in place, the tree roots could cause damage to both of your gardens and maybe even your houses. The cost to cut tree branches, another name for trimming or pruning, runs $200 to $800 on average. If the hedge needs to be trimmed back quite a bit, the cost can be as high as £20. I am just about to have a row taken out. We have a national network of gardeners in the United Kingdom. Do note, while we always aim to give you accurate product info at the point of publication, unfortunately price and terms of products and deals can always be changed by the provider afterwards, so double check first. Some Leylandii hedges have been known to grow up to 30 metres in height and eight metres wide. How much does it cost to hire someone to cut the grass? Correspondence Address: 113, Kestrel House, Knightrider St, Maidstone ME15 6LU, Leylandii removal costs explained. Of possibly greater difficulty when it comes to the sale of a house is neighbourhood disputes over Leylandii which can often become very serious and have to be disclosed on the property information forms. 68 ft length about a dozen trees, around 30 ft. I have previously taken down other trees and would be willing to give this a go myself, but need to compare the cost of getting someone else in to do it vs the cost of doing it myself. Other tree services can cost extra such as tree stump removal which usually range between 60 Euro and 350 Euro again depending on size and diameter of the tree, among other factors. Assuming a 30 ft tree in the rear garden but with easy access, expect to pay around £400. Tell us some details of your gardening project, How much does weeding cost? Editor, Marcus Herbert. Random Acts of Kindness and All things Positive! Get Quotes Here. These include:-. A contractor will need to first undertake a thorough site inspection in order to look at the scope of the job and consider issues like access for vehicles and machinery. In this way you can retain cover for the birds while your new hedge grows. Cost wise you're looking at maybe 100 per tree although you may get quotes of double that. With Leylandii, you can reduce the height but be careful about trimming the sides of the hedge or Leylandii trees. familiarise yourself with the latest version. The size/height of the trees, taller trees require more specialist intervention, The size of the stumps which may need to be physically removed or ground out, The arrangements made for the disposal of the trees, Your postcode – prices vary regionally but are always more expensive in London and the South East, Loss of sunlight in the garden which can affect lawns and plants, Leylandii can throw shadow three times their height at certain times of the year and are almost a total block on light during the winter months when the sun is low, Root incursion which can cause damage to hard surfaces such as driveways and patios and also spread into neighbour’s gardens, Leylandii are not just tall, they are also bushy and wide and will encroach into the garden taking up space, They are a thirsty species and will impoverish soil around their location and affect neighbouring plants, Leylandii have quite small root balls despite their immense height which makes them unstable in high winds, they are also prone to large branches breaking off which can be dangerous to householder or vehicles if they are situated near a road, Ask around for a recommendation from family or friends, Post on a social media group for your neighbourhood or local community forum for a recommendation, Search online using a supplier platform who will send details of your job to different people registered on their database. If you can keep the hedge to below two to three metres then the root system will be far less substantial. It is very unlikely you will need planning permission to remove Leylandii but if your home is listed and/or in a conservation area then check with the local planning authority first as regulations surrounding these properties may differ. Your buyer’s mortgage company may also have something to say about them as the location of and potential issues with certain species of tree often crop up on housebuyer’s reports. Expect to pay £95 – £200 on top of the tree felling cost, depending on stump width and type of tree. The material cost for 42 plants averages $25 each for a total of $1,050. Then I can provide a more precise price. Ready to hire a gardener? A good baseline figure to work on is £100-£150 per day for labour and then it just depends on how long it takes to remove the hedge. 3rd Mar 2017 Enter the details of your gardening needs below and we will get costs from local gardeners near you. I have a 30 foot long privet hedge at the top of my garden. However, if left un-pruned it can get out of hand and pruning taller hedges can be difficult and expensive. Prices vary from around £200 - £1,200 on average. Roots grow in proportion to the height of the hedge. Some species are simply easier to handle than others, and this is reflected in the price. By the time the birds have finished nesting it will need, I reckon, about 4 foot taking off from the top. However, for very old, very large trees, the cost of … Before: After a few weeks: If the trees are already a good height then you will need a tree surgeon to cut them which can also be expensive and is only putting on the evil day when you will probably need to remove them. We don't as a general policy investigate the solvency of companies mentioned (how likely they are to go bust), but there is a risk any company can struggle and it's rarely made public until it's too late (see the. That includes grinding the stumps. Put in a mixture of manure, topsoil, compost and soil improver and then let the soil rest for a few weeks before you consider planting. Conifer removal costs – how much to remove a conifer tree? We often link to other websites, but we can't be responsible for their content. It is really important to remove the stumps from the earth as any woody material left can cause disease and will continue to drain new plants of their nutrients. Leylandii can grow at a rate of three feet per year and can become a towering wall of greenery blocking out light and reaching heights which make pruning an impossibility. Leylandii is also the best hedging plant at filtering out pollution including particulates from diesel engines. Stump grinding is cheaper if it’s done by the same tree surgeons that took down the tree. If a Leylandii hedge is kept to a reasonable height 2-3m (6-10ft) then the root system will be much less substantial (and much less likely to cause damage) than if … var id_conf = 'db2221a952546e9a4a341cc77ca39664'; There are several factors which can increase the final bill and these include:-, image from:, Leylandii just don’t stop growing and so problems with this species are usually inevitable and become worse over time if there is no intervention. Cost £950 plus vat. Before your plant gets uncontrollable, there are a number of things you can do to stop Leylandii growing or at least reduce the height of your Leylandii hedge. Tree pruning prices explained. We removed a row of about 10 20-foot tall leylandii five years ago and replaced them with a mixed English hedge. As with all firewood, the key is to season it thoroughly otherwise it will not burn well. But it depends on the height of the tree. Its about one metre thick. A reasonable proportion of this will be the disposal of the tree, which normally includes shredding and breaking down branches and trunks into manageable pieces. Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. Likewise, excessively-large Leyland cypress hedges can shade gardens and dry the soil, making it difficult to grow other plants nearby. Roots grow in proportion to the height of the trees. The contractor’s quotation should include complete removal of all the waste material from the trees although it will be necessary to cut the trees up on-site if they are very large. It is always best to try and avoid entering into a dispute with your neighbours if you are planning on selling as you will have to reveal this. ... but I can't face 10 years of being overlooked while the hedge and trees grow. The fencing is going to be £1200 including vat. Find out here. Always obtain at least three estimates and make sure the price includes both stump grinding and the removal of all the debris from the site. If the hedge is very dense and the trees are a vast height then you could plan to remove them over the course of several months or years to spread the cost of hedge cutting. The mrs got me to grind out and dig up 15 leylandii stumps about five years ago and I am still aching to this day. Always leave the green foliage on the sides of the hedge as Leylandii will not shoot back from the older, brown wood (see below). Cost Factors There are various factors which influence the cost of tree removal and pruning, including both the height of the tree and the variety. For an 80-foot tree you will pay around £1000-£1500. How to hire garden tools. There are other advantages – the mess and disruption are reduced within the garden and for your neighbours and, if the trees have been providing a screen then by removing them gradually, it allows you to plant new plants and shrubs to recreate a barrier. Some Leylandii hedges have been known to grow up to 30 metres in height and 8-metres wide. The cost of removing the hedge is £100. Large Leylandii trees will need specialist removal and this can be done by landscape contractors or tree surgeons. Mark, I know mine was privet and not leylandii, but I had an 8m long, 3m high by 1.5m deep hedge removed and stumps ground out for £240 and it was done in half a day. I've had to pay an orthopaedic surgeon more money to fix me up than it would have cost to have it done properly in the first place. They will take into account several factors including the height of the hedge, the proximity to neighbouring properties and the loss of light to both house and garden. Sourcing a contractor to remove Leylandii. For a small hedge (2-4 metres), you would expect to pay on average £175 in hedge removal costs. The average cost to cut down a tree is £400 - £700. Other Reclaiming: Mortgage Fees, Council Tax etc, Pensions, Annuities & Retirement Planning, Report Holiday Deals, Bargains & Special Offers, Martin's Blogs & Appearances & MoneySavingExpert in the News. Example Cost 4. Factors that Impact The Cost of Tree Removal. Short species, under 30 feet, don’t require heavy equipment or often even ladders and so cost far less than an 80-foot-tall oak. We can help you to save ££££ on your lawn mowing, hedge trimming, landscaping and decking costs. We removed a 20m "hedge" (row) of about 10 trees which were around 11m tall and it was approx £800 but then another £200-300 to get the stumps out as out tree surgeon didnt want to … What is the cost to gravel the front garden? Sometimes a boundary hedge can be shared which means ownership of the trees is joint so any decision to remove them will have to be made with the express agreement of your neighbour. Ready to hire a gardener? Do gardeners work in the rain? SEEK FREE HELP FROM CHARITIES. The Leyland cypress (× Cuprocyparis leylandii ) is widely used as a quick-growing and effective hedge or screen. My neighbour, who has a massive garden and employs a gardener weekly, planted a Leylandii hedge between us about 20 years ago. What can you plant after Leylandii have been removed? Hedges and their maintenance can often cause disputes between neighbours and because of the height Leylandii can reach, they are top of the list when it comes to complaints. What are the problems with leaving Leylandii in place? The trees are then cut down and either removed complete with the root ball or cut down just above the stumps with the remaining wood left for stump grinding. There will be additional costs on top of this. Brought a lovely house the front of which is spoiled by a huge Leylandii hedge. Most people have Leylandii removed when they become too tall to cut every year and whilst there are a number of individual factors which can affect the cost, a good average figure to work to is somewhere between £500-£1,000 to have the trees taken out but, it could be a lot more than that. Removing any tree is a big job and will take at least a day to complete even for a mid-sized tree. Or you could cover the whole area with bark or woodchip to a depth of between 6” and 12” and let the bark rot down over the summer months; this covering will also help keep the area weed-free. You'll receive up to 4 no-obligation quotes from local gardeners and save money on your gardening project. How much does a new fence installation cost? This price will include the stump being grounded down, and the contractor taking away all of the waste. Fill out the form below. Whether you are in Scotland or London, we can find a gardener. Even with cutting, Leylandii can reach a vast height so pruning alone may not contain the problem unless the current trees are very small. Size – the overall height of the tree is a critical factor in the cost. ✔ Save £100's on gardening prices. Leylandii hedge removal cost Leylandii is a fast-growing evergreen tree that has popularly been used as a rapidly growing hedge; even in poor soil, Leylandii can achieve record heights in just a few years and therein lies the problem. CORONAVIRUS HELP GUIDES, INCLUDING TRAVEL, FINANCE AND BILLS HELP, HOW YOU CAN DONATE TO A FOODBANK OVER THE FESTIVE SEASON, STRUGGLING WITH DEBT? Grass Cutting Services – get quotes from local gardeners! If you have an old stump that needs grinding then expect to pay more, especially if it’s in a rear garden with poor access. Leylandii can be trimmed to a hedge of any size (we’ve kept one at 4ft/120cm tall for 25 years). Let us know the details of the gardening work required. On the other hand, if you live in the South, South West and … Compare local gardening prices. Initially I … A local council can intervene where the hedge is deemed to be a nuisance.
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